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[GreenYes] News From Germany
Issue 1183 - March 21, 2002
Environment Daily

Fall in German refillable packs confirmed

The German cabinet yesterday officially confirmed a dramatic fall in the
market share of refillable drinks packaging since 1997. It also approved
plans by environment minister Jürgen Trittin to introduce deposits in
January on one-way containers for beer, mineral water and carbonated soft
drinks (ED 11/03/02).

The data released yesterday was broadly speaking already known, but their
official adoption clears the way for the introduction of deposits as
required under Germany's 1991 packaging ordinance if refillables' market
share falls below 72% in two officially recorded years.

After first reporting a breach of the refillables quota in 1997, the new
data show further falls in their market share in the periods February 1999
to January 2000 and May 2000 to April 2001, when they dropped below 64%.

The decline has been especially serious in the carbonated soft drinks
sector. According to the environment ministry, latest data suggest a drop of
ten percentage points in market share in the last 16 months alone.

  Follow-up:  German environment ministry, tel: +49 30 285 500, and press

  Article Index: packaging, economic instruments

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