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RE: [GreenYes] Best Management Practices for Construction Sites
Hi Mike -- There's a book available on line -- -- Building for the Future: Strategies to
Reduce Construction and Demolition Waste in Municipal Projects by Bette K.
Fishbein (06/98).  The book outlines strategies for recycling in projects
set in urban environments (NYC in this case) and is very helpful.

Here are a few practical tips for your crew:

- call local recyclers ahead of the project to determine their standards for
accepting materials coming from the site.  In Boston, we have local
non-profits that work with small manufacturers to accept construction debris
as feedstock for their products ... check with your Dept. of Env Protection
to see whether you have similar organizations (my bet is that you probably
have more than we do on the east coast).

- Generally, you need to spend some time with the crew so that they
understand which bins are for which materials and will help you keep the
materials straight.  You need to clearly mark the bins, but this doesn't
always work if the crew isn't on board with the plan.  If loads get
contaminated, dump them out and have the subcontractors themselves pull out
the contaminants.  It takes time, but it stops contamination from happening

- check the material order twice to make sure that you don't duplicate
orders.  Encourage the subs to check with stores on store credits for unused
materials.  Also check to see whether they accept palettes back - most will.

- Do all your cutting of a certain material in one place on the site.  This
way, it will be obvious to someone that they don't have to cut a new board
if there's a piece of scrap that fills the bill.  Also, all the material
will be in one place when it comes time to recycle.

- Keep your bins away from fences to discourage the public from throwing
things over the fence into the bins.  Locking the bins isn't enough (but it
helps) -- people will just throw their stuff onto the closed lid.

Good luck!!

Amy Bauman
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Greetings!  I am looking for some resources on best management practices for
recycling at new construction sites.  Web sites or documents you can e-mail
would be appreciated.

Two local developers here in Bend, OR, are beginning the first phase of a
multi-year, 1400 unit development.  Phase one includes 24 individual
builders building 60 single family homes during our upcoming construction
season (~ April through October). WE are working with them to maximize
recycling on-site.



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