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Re: [GreenYes] Fwd: [USCC] Dead Facilities
On 19 Mar 2002 at 15:55, Keith Edward Ripley wrote:

> Too bad you specified NORTH America.  I know several spectacular
> examples in South America.  In fact, the tech guys in Rio's waste
> management company (COMLURB) can tell you how they could have set up a
> labor-intensive but effective (high recovery rate) city-wide recycling
> program long ago if they had been given the same dollars wasted on
> "big ticket" "recycling plants" built by public works-minded
> politicians that now stand idle and rotting.... 

Hi there!

I am assisting a local council with a waste programme - recycling, buy back, etc - we 
have similar issues here as Latin America, so information on that would be useful - 
although the council is happy to be guided to labour intensive methodology, it would 
be nice to show them what to avoid - there is a bit of history here:

a MRF was built and operated here in Johannesburg, but a concerted and apparently 
well funded effort by the packaging industry and one dissatisfied councillor (different 
city) shot it down, so it simply closed...

your information will be welcomed, and put to good use!!

kind regards
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