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Re: [GreenYes] HHW Curbside (SuperDrecksKeescht)
Interesting!  Wish Fairfax Co. had something like it.  Maybe that's something to work toward...

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On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 14:54:08   Woody Raine wrote:
>Regarding your inquiry on SuperDrecksKeescht, the city of Plano, Texas (next to Dallas) provides weekly collection of household hazardous waste from households that call in at least 24 hours before their collection day
>The service collects pesticides, paint, antifreeze, car batteries, pool chemicals, paint thinner, motor oil, pet products (flea killer, etc.), cleaning supplies & more.
>You can read more about it at &
>Keith Ripley wrote, in part:
>I've always wondered why jurisdictions here in the US do not use something akin to the SuperDrecksKeescht (SDK) program in Luxembourg, where a small fleet of specially equipped trucks and vans makes regular rounds and requested pick-ups from households of potentially hazardous small-scale wastes.
>W Woody Raine
>Recycling Markets Specialist
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>Austin TX 78711-3087
>fax: 512/239-6763
> products from Texas

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