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Re: [GreenYes] metal, glass plastic compaction
Why don't they try collecting only plastic and aluminum -- commingling them 
in bags that can be easily pulled out for recovery?

NO need to collect glass technically -- but I know haulers charge by the 
weight  too bad!!


At 09:17 PM 3/16/02 -0500, Marjorie J. Clarke wrote:
>With all the angst about Mayor Bloomberg's drive to do away with half our 
>recycling program in NYC, I've been trying to help those of us assembling 
>economic arguments for how to save money IMMEDIATELY and in the longer 
>term by recycling vs. exporting.  There are even those who are arguing to 
>reopen Fresh Kills, not for residues, but for burying 90% of our discards.
>This morning I witnessed the blue bags of metal, glass and plastic being 
>hurled into the packer truck, this time along with a large metal cabinet 
>(our program takes bulk metal as well).  As I watched the life being 
>squeezed out of that cabinet, I heard all the glass breaking.  The degree 
>of compaction is severe; it's so bad that the bags break and you can see 
>smashed metal cans.
>Does anyone have a model program out there where glass, metal and plastic 
>are collected in one truck, but not compacted, and where the glass is 
>saleable and sold, and what the details of the glass markets are?  What is 
>the size of the truck (dimensions) and tonnage that can be collected in 
>such a truck?  The dimensions are important because our streets are narrow 
>and full of cars.  What is spent per person per year on education to 
>achieve what sort of participation and contamination rates?  Please let me 
>Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
>Environmental Scientist and Educator
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