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Re: [GreenYes] Re: Recycling Glass
Now Jeff is getting to the heart of this discussion on glass. Half the content of the thread addresses the question:
"should we stop recycling glass?" , bringing forward data on the environmental benefits of using old glass to make new glass products.

The other half of the content of the thread really addresses a different question: "Should we stop collecting glass in curbside programs?", bringing forward practical problems that have a financial impact on municipalities -- as well as a broader environmental opportunity cost (broken, contaminated glass cannot be used to make new glass containers).

When we separate these two questions, I find clarity from recognizing that the answer to #1 is NO and the answer to #2 might well be YES. Some people on the list had this blinding insight and proposed alternative ways of collecting glass so it could be recycled. One example was bottle banks in Europe. Closer to home, we have the example of deposit/return programs.


At 08:39 AM 03/15/2002 -0800, Jeff Morris wrote:
the currently collected
recyclables should all continue to be collected

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