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Re: [GreenYes] Recycling Glass +++
>if I have cans with motor oil, paint, varnish and solvent >residues, I'm
not supposed to put them in with regular >trash. My trash hauler doesn't
like to pick them up >separately without charging a hefty fee, and it's
> anything but convenient for me to drive 20 miles to >the Lorton landfill
to hand them over -- the closest >"drop off" spot to me.

Aye, there's the rub....but where, may I ask, did you buy them? Not 20 miles
away, I'll warrant....

Until our shopping 'centers' also become our drop off centers, with their
empty trucks taking away the empties, recyclables, toxics, etc, we will
never have a sustainable system, and all the quacking about who gets to be
'on the bus' just a mask for the fact that 'the bus' is just another ICE
powered bit of heavy metal we don't need.

Why am I wrong?

Frank Teuton

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