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Re: [GreenYes] LOST AGAIN
Executive director, Dump & Run 
Lisa K. Heller,
              Thanks,   I too did my market buying of an Insight and I got 70 mpg on the Highway.   I was the only one with one in Erie for a year before someone had the courageto buy the second one.    Imagine going 700 miles nonstop-----I already done that.   But there could only be a market of such vehicles without  of the intuitive insight of Japanese Car Companies,  American companies  have no such ideal thinking going on.   And its a shame the Great Leader of Democracy, The Richest and most Powerful Counrty, and we are suppose to be proud of our showmanship and products that we buy in this counrty.   Sorry but I am not and can not support such old thinking any longer or bad products no matter how 100% American Made it is.    America is lost.

Bruce Arkwright,Jr
Erie's Efficiency & Solar Society

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