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[GreenYes] Recycling Glass +++
(Cut)  What Ric Anthony said bears repeating : Let's include more
materials on the bus, not begin throwing things off. (Paste)
Add room on the recycling trucks for items we want and need to keep out of
the landfills and processing facilities.
Examples would be used auto oil, auto batteries, tires, paint and e-waste.
To continually believe that citizens are going to drive all around(out of their way) when the garbage can is at the end of the driveway to rid themselves of these items is ridiculous.  Buy choice many people use the vacant lots or rural roadsides as their personal dumping grounds.  Yes the dedicated citizens that care about the environment will drive to the right place to get rid of the tires, oil, etc.  It is the illegal dumpers that we need to get onboard.  All the educational efforts are wasted if convenience of "proper disposal" is not provided.  Convenience is not a 4-5 mile drive-- it is at the end of the driveway.
I think the buzzword sustainability could be used to describe the
"recycling bus" that is loaded with the "right and wrong" materials.
Maybe the name of the bus should be changed to "Enviro Truck"
since much of what is collected as recyclables(i.e. glass) is really
reused not recycled!
Instead of the continual "$hort term market thought proce$$"
usually promoted by the hauler$ and/or landfill indu$try, it is time
for our nearsighted leaders and bureaucrats to start thinking "outside"
of the box.
It is time to keep moving environmental initiatives and needed changes
forward-- not backwards down the slippery slope.
Regards, C. William
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"Everyday should be an Earth Day."

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