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Hope you can assist wherever you are:

These Aldermen voted against a full kerbside recycling service on 
Tuesday, March 12.

Please Fax the following Launceston City Council Alderman about  Recycling , 
Ian Routley, Annette Waddle, Tony Peck, Graeme Beams, Robin McKendrick, George 
Brookes, Ray Shipp at their private faxes or at their businesses or clubs as 
listed below:

Routley 6334 2259,Waddle 6326 2491,Peck 6343 5513,Beams 6331 2228,McKendrick 
6344 4937,Brookes 6339 6120, 6326 7530

To fax Alderman Routley from interstate 03 63342259 if
Participating in this campaign from outside Australia fax Alderman Routley on 
61 3 63342259

Shortly I will be providing details of how to contact the alderman by email:   
Any alderman can be reached by emailing :

Alternatively use this format:
Alderman Annette Waddle <>

The interests of the Aldermen follow,it is reasonable to expect that
they are in close contact with these organisations or businesses so 
a message will reach them.
In the case of Routleys Menswear,I believe this belongs to Ian Routley's 
brother,can anyone confirm this.

(1)Ian Routley   C/-Routleys Menswear Facsimile:  6334 2259
Home         6331 9406
C/- Launceston City Mission                   C/-Rotary Club of Launceston
C/- South Launceston Football Club

(2)Annette Waddle Facsimile: 6326 2491

(3)Tony Peck Facsimile:  6343 5513         North Lodge Motel     6334 2810
Kings Meadows Travel                              Peckish Cafe 
Tasvillas                                                      Ausvillas
Aberdeen Court Motel  6343 2533

(4)Graeme Beams               6331 2228  

(5)Robin McKendrick         6344 4937           Norwood Supermarket 
Retail Traders Association

(6)George Brookes               6339 6120

(7)Ray Shipp                         6326 7530           Lilydale Progress 
Tasmanian Turf Club                                      Roadworthy Driving 

Thank You

The Launceston Recycling Project

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