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Re: [GreenYes] LOST AGAIN

I share your disgust with Madison Avenue, but remember they work FOR the auto [asphalt] industries who want us to buy THEIR stuff!   Would that we all would share in personal choice values which would reduce our impacts...but we need to provide much more education and incentives to most who have "bought" into the messages.   CAFE not only would put some [minor]parameters on the auto industry, it would provide more information and points of discussion of why we need it in the first place...

>>> "Edna J. Glenn" <> 03/14/02 04:34PM >>>
Hello, Bruce.  I share your disappointment and disgust with this most
recent cave-in to the auto [and, by default, asphalt] industry by the US
Congress.  I had written, and fax'd, and e-mailed my representatives in
support of the bill to require higher gas mileage; but alas, gas-guzzling
is still apparently de rigeur.

But, sigh, I would hesitate to lay the blame entirely on elected
representatives, however, when we all can share in it every time we get
in our cars and put our foot on the gas pedal.

My own interest group of choice [rather than representatives] to demonize
would be Madison Avenue.  Between the pizza/pharmaceutical/cell phone
advertisements we are even more heavily bombarded with invasive [60's
music to suck us of that generation in], unrealistic [only car on the
road; top of the craggy bluff] auto/SUV fantasy video-promo's every seven
minutes or so on non-cable television.

No wonder most people think they must have a car and all the trappings
[tires, tolls, parking, auto mechanics, vandals, thieves, door dings,
insurance, road rage, stress, liability, car wax].  Muna's earlier comment
about the real cost of an automobile being ten or so times greater than
reality is spot-on; consumers are led to believe they can't do without
one, and presto the price for one then is set just low enough to keep most
in hock until the next purchase.

In short, I share your dismay with that failed bill to require increased
gas mileage for new vehicles.

Best regards,
Seattle, WA USA

> On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Bruce A. wrote:
> Senate Caves In to Auto and Labor Pressure on Fuel Efficiency
>           shownews.cfm?pageid=news140302-06&category1=evcommunity

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