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Re: RE:[GreenYes] Should we do glass curbside
Bruce is completely correct when he says that we must have a market for the
recyclables. This is of course why it so important for us to go out of our
way to buy products made out of recyclables. We check all the packaging we
buy to see if they include recycling content. Most DO NOT. So much emphasis
has been placed on Pepsi and Coke to use recyclables. Now, we must approach
other companies that can use recycled glass in their products.

Ben Randolph

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Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 12:19 PM
Subject: RE:[GreenYes] Should we do glass curbside

> John Reindl,  What we need to do is to make sure there is a market for
recyclables THAT adds value the the products.   We are wasting time and
efford if no one is buying it.  We need to work not only on to recycle but
marketing the using it.  WE need to because that WE know the value of it but
does the world know?  This forum is concentrating on the recycle portion and
not the use of or value of recyclables, WE have to have both.
> Bruce Arkwright, Jr.

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