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[GreenYes] Igloo collection for glass
Glass igloo collection programs are very effective in Europe. In many communities, there are igloos for every 500 residents. I have been in Norway, Germany and Austria and seen and used them. They work well.
But, there are major lifestyle differences between Europe and the US. Population densities are much greater, people walk to work or to the train/subway or store and can carry their recyclables to the nearest igloo as they make these other trips.
John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI
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So, I'm thinking that maybe we need to have lots of public "igloos" for glass scattered around a community that get serviced by the "hook and dump" trucks once every two weeks or so.  

That's what is done pretty much through out Europe.  They don't want the glass in the burners as it melts with the metal in the ash, making the metal harder to recover.  I wonder how effective glass collection programs using drop off sites are in Switzerland, Holland and other European programs.

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