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Re: [GreenYes] Curbside Collection of Glass
It should be obvious that it's a
> bad idea to throw glass off the recycling bus and
> into a multitude of individual cars, SUVs and pickup
> trucks.

Just to be contrary, where did Joe Suburbia *get* his pickle jars, salsa
bottles, etcetera? At the local supermarkup, nicht war? (Nicht war is German
for 'ain't it'?)

Joe or Jane goes there regular like, in his/her sport nuke. And hey, big
trucks full of stuff also go there, regular like. If Joe/Jane loads the
sport nuke with recyclables for dropoff at the supermarkup, and the empty
trucks pick them up there for drop off at the recyclables hub, sounds like
it could work, no?

Is it really obvious that adding this freight to trips that Joe/Jane are
going to have to make *anyway* is worse than firing up a giant heavy metal
dieselbeast to run through the streets of the neighborhood in *addition* to
Joe/Jane's normal goings hither and thither? I don' get it....emperor look
naked ta me....

By the way, here are the sorts of SUVs I'm interested in...

Frank Teuton---doesn't really believe in the extra dieselbeasts running
through his neighborhood.....

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