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RE: [GreenYes] Should we do glass curbside
Excellent questions (as always from John).  One big problem with assigning
value(s) to recycling is all the alternative materials and methods --
apples, oranges, kiwis, and on and on.

One way to simplify this situation would be to narrow the range of packaging
materials.  The easiest example I can see is PVC bottles.  I don't know what
advantage they offer over the typical PET or HDPE bottles, and they
literally cause more trouble than they are worth.  Adding multi-layer
plastic bottles and new colors, new barriers, etc. just makes the system
more complex.  I saw those chips in the plastic tubes in 7-11 yesterday -

I know there are differences in the properties of different types of
packaging -- vapor barriers, light barriers, etc. -- but where do I go to
lobby for change?  How do we convince the big food companies (or the small
ones) to use more homogenous packing materials so that volumes of certain
waste streams will increase and potential markets will be strengthened?  

I know the figures have been posted here, but how much of U.S. packaging
consumption is plastic and how much is glass?  Are plastic pickle jars on
the horizon?  Is that a bad idea or an OK one?  If glass packaging is losing
market share over time, do we give up on it and push for more plastic?
(doesn't sound right) Can we stop glass from losing market share? We know
it's heavier to transport -- is it also more expensive to produce in the
first place?

And finally -- why aren't there any packing producers on this list?  Who and
where are they?

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Is there a better use for the money and time we have available to spend on
recycling? Could we focus on other materials or devise other ways to handle
the materials that we now handle? How do I come up with a value for
recycling and compare alternative materials and methods?

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County. 
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