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[GreenYes] Virus Alert - Fake message from Microsoft Security Center
Once again, there is a recently discovered virus that is running rampant.  I just received multiple copies of e-mail messages claiming to be from the Microsoft Corporation Security Center with an attachment that is described as a recent security update patch for IE and Outlook.  The attached file is Q216309.exe. and it is about 122 K in size.  Delete this message immediately from your system and do not open the attachment - it is a worm called W32.Gibe@mm that propogates through MS Outlook. What is pernicious about this virus is that your AV software may not detect it even if you recently updated your virus definition files.  For example, I did a manual scan on the attachment and it was picked up by my Norton AV.  (This just shows that good old fashioned paranoia is still your best last line of defense.)
For more information on this virus follow this link to the Symantec Security Response Center:
Roger M. Guttentag

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