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RE:[GreenYes] Rain barrel water collection
On 11 Mar 2002 at 16:43, Bruce,Jr E Arkwright wrote:

> You do not use it for drinking unless you filter it with
> Carbon,etc....  you use it for your garden, your super green grass,
> flushing your toilet, washing your car etc....Why do we need drinkable
> water that you PAID tax dollars to clean with (or lower your water
> table if you have a well) just to flush our SHIT down the drain. Very
> house and building in America should be practicing this but being Rich
> and Powerful we American do not want or need to be so inconvenanced, 
> Even thou there is a shortage of freash clean water.

As a water scarce country (+_ 50% of world average_ South Africa still practices 
many wasteful practices - the bulk users pay the least, the rich suburbs pay less than 
poor ones (!), I could go on...

One interesting fact triggered by Bruce's note: toilet waste in about 98% water to 
begin with, and to use safe clean potable water to "get rid" of it is bizarre, don't you 

A friend (who is a water magician!)showed that his organic toilet produced about 4 kg 
(about 10 pounds) of solid waste from a family of 4, after a six month period! (you 
and I would have used in the region of 10 000 litres of drinkable water !!

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