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[GreenYes] glass recovery from commingled curbside program
As you're probably aware, NYC is in the thick of a debate over its metal
glass and plastic recycling program.

One of the most contentious issues is what to do about glass -- the city
claims that markets have essentially disappeared, and now simply counts all
glass collected as part of the 40% residue rate coming out of the processing
facilities that sort the material.

Obviously, part of the problem is the way it's collected and processed --
compacted in a packer truck, dumped onto a concrete floor, and then jostled
on a conveyor belt to a picking line.  Very little remains intact.

I'm interested in learning more about the markets that other (preferably
large) cities have found for their material.  Using Chaz Miller's Waste Age
profile from a few months ago, are we destined to low value applications
(fill, cover replacement, glassphalt)?

What steps have other cities taken to ensure they have a marketable cullet?
Are redemption centers or curbside sorting the only way to achieve a
marketable material?

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

Steve Hammer
(w) 212-645-9912

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