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[GreenYes] Fwd: 2002 ZERI Certification Training in NM
Apologies for Cross-Postings

For more information, costs, the detailed attachment and applications, 
contact Harvey Stone, ZERI Training Coordinator, at

I pasted in some of the Overview below.

Gary Liss

>Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 17:05:56 EST
Dear Colleague,
As you probably know, ZERI is establishing itself in North America -
especially in the Southwest and along the Mexican/US border.

To accelerate the growth of ZERI and the implementation of ZERI projects, 
we are now taking applications for the 2002 ZERI Certification Training. 
Since this is the inaugural training in the US, Gunter Pauli has agreed to 
present all the ZERI material throughout the training.

The purpose of the training is to immerse a group of participants in a
3-module learning experience over the course of 6 months. The training will
be highly substantive, participative and comprehensive. ZERI intends to 
build an initial pool of ZERI-certified individuals who can design ZERI 
projects and help local cultures and businesses; present ZERI to the public 
and to the educational system; help to build ZERI US and the worldwide ZERI 
movement; and further their own career.

The attached 2002 ZERI Training Overview is designed to answer your 
questions about the structure, schedule, cost and benefits of the training. 
Please take a few minutes to read it.

If you would prefer not to receive other notices, please email me and let 
me know. Also, I apologize for any duplicate mailings.

If you know of other people who would be interested in the training, please
feel free to forward the attached Overview.

Those of us who are developing this training are deeply looking forward to
it. It is a rare opportunity to have extended learning sessions with Gunter,
and we are delighted he has set aside the time.

As you'll see in the Overview, I am the Training Coordinator. Please direct
all questions to me.

I hope you will participate with us.

Best regards,
Harvey Stone

ZERI stands for Zero Emissions and Research Initiatives. ZERI is a systems 
approach that views waste as resource; that utilizes Nature's kingdoms to 
develop both food stocks for local communities and also value-added 
businesses that generate revenue; and that allows people, companies and 
communities to do more with what Nature produces rather than asking Nature 
to produce more. For more information, visit

In 2001, two ZERI initiatives were undertaken in the US and on the 
US/Mexico border. First: the groundwork for a formal ZERI US organization 
was laid. And, second: a portfolio of ZERI projects was identified. Both 
initiatives are expected to evolve dramatically in 2002. Together, they 
heighten the need for trained individuals who deeply understand the ZERI 
methodology and its applications and benefits; can credibly represent ZERI 
in public and private settings; and can help substantially to establish 
ZERI in US communities and schools.

The ZERI Certification Training is designed to provide an initial pool of 
highly-trained and certified individuals. These individuals will be able to 
think systemically; to articulate the ZERI methodology; to design ZERI 
projects; and to further the goals of ZERI in the US and around the world.

Since this is the first ZERI Certification Training in North America, 
Gunter Pauli - ZERI's founder - will deliver all of the ZERI-related 
modules. As appropriate, Gunter may utilize assistant trainers in ancillary 
areas such as presentation skills. In subsequent trainings, it is likely 
that Gunter will play a lesser role.

Participants who complete the ZERI Certification Training are candidates 
for ZERI certification. Completion of the training itself does not 
guarantee certification. Certified participants will demonstrate in 
written, spoken and group dynamic terms a proficiency in ZERI methodology, 
concepts, practices, projects, project design and other areas to be 
determined. Gunter Pauli will be solely responsible for certifying 
applicants who demonstrate the required proficiency. Participants who do 
not achieve certification in 2002 may apply for the 2003 training 
certification program.

ZERI certification will allow certified participants to identify and market 
themselves as ZERI-Certified Practitioners. It is anticipated - though not 
guaranteed - that the growth of ZERI US in 2002 and beyond will offer 
substantial professional opportunities for participants to establish their 
own ZERI-related consulting business or to incorporate ZERI-Certified 
activities within their ongoing business. As needed, ZERI-Certified 
practitioners may also become employees of ZERI US or other regional ZERI 
organizations. Specific rights and responsibilities for ZERI-Certified 
Practitioners will be presented at the September, 2002, training module. 
These rights and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: the 
certified trainer's relationship to ZERI US and the ZERI Foundation in 
Geneva; referral mechanism for ZERI-related business opportunities; trainer 
dues and/or referral fees; use of logo and other ZERI patents and 
properties; ongoing ZERI Certification Training; and so on. All rights and 
responsibilities will be developed in good faith with the intent of 
maximizing opportunities for ZERI-Certified Practitioners; for maintaining 
the integrity of the ZERI methodology and practices; and for ensuring the 
steady growth and influence of ZERI US and the broader worldwide ZERI movement.

All participants who complete the training - whether certified or not - 
will have access to appropriate ZERI documents and images.

Applicants should be mature individuals with a serious interest in 
furthering their own communities, businesses, careers and/or  ZERI US. 
Applicants should have a genuine desire to help people; to alleviate 
poverty; to work with existing conditions and entrenched organizations; 
and, most generally, to improve substantially the environmental, social and 
economic standards that affect quality of life. Completion of a previous 
ZERI public program is helpful, but is not a requirement for the ZERI 
Certification Training. Applicants should also have a primary interest in 
one of the three following areas:

l. A desire to professionally represent ZERI in public and private 
settings. These settings might include: making ZERI presentations to 
interested groups; providing ZERI Certification Training to corporations, 
communities and/or groups of individuals; and/or offering project design 
consultation to proposed and ongoing ZERI projects

2. A desire to professionally manage one or more on-going ZERI projects. 
These projects will require the knowledge-based, hands-on application of 
ZERI principles and methodologies to local communities and circumstances. 
As appropriate, access to a network of ZERI scientists will be provided.

3. A desire to further ZERI's educational objectives of spreading ZERI 
principles through stories, curriculum development and hands-on programs 
for students. Typically, these individuals will be teachers, education 
administrators or education consultants with strong ties to education 

Applicants should obtain an application from and send a 
completed application electronically. The completed application must be 
received by 8 PM EST on March 31, 2002. Send the completed application to 
the Training Coordinator - Harvey Stone: If email is not 
available, please mail the application to: Harvey Stone, Box 474, Tesuque, 
NM 87574. Early submissions are appreciated.

Efforts will be made to represent different geographic areas and different 
areas of prime interest. As such, qualified applicants may regrettably be 
asked to participate in a future ZERI Certification Training. All 
applicants will be notified of acceptance or postponement by April 10, 2002 
at the latest.

The ZERI Certification Training is a concentrated and rigorous program that 
optimizes learning, interaction and participation. While it will cover some 
content areas that were previously discussed at Omega Institute, Schumacher 
College or other ZERI public programs, it will be a great deal more 
detailed in content and participative in style. Specific content areas will 
include - but not be limited to - scientific, economic, environmental and 
social factors. Participants will be expected to demonstrate a working 
knowledge of all of the above areas and to demonstrate a particular 
proficiency in at least one of those areas. In addition, participants will 
be expected to have proficiency in designing ZERI projects by the end of 
the program.

The ZERI Certification Training will be more process oriented than previous 
public programs, i.e. training sessions will be structured around 
individual and group involvement in content-related exercises and 
discussion. Additionally, it will be more performance oriented than 
previous public programs - namely, participants will be expected to 
demonstrate in both written, spoken and group-dynamic terms a working 
knowledge of the ZERI methodology, programs and other relevant material. 
Training locations mentioned below are in the vicinity of established or 
proposed ZERI projects; as appropriate, participants will visit one of more 
projects in each location and/or meet with project stakeholders.

Attendees should be able and willing to set aside the necessary time to 
complete all assignments and to attend all trainings.


The three training modules are as follows:
Module #1: Thursday - Sunday, June 6-9, 2002.
o       Thursday - Saturday: 8 AM - 5:30 PM; 7 PM - 9 PM
o       Sunday: 8 AM - 3PM
o       Location: Santa Fe, NM; venue TBA

Module #2: Thursday - Sunday, September 26-29, 2002.
o       Thursday - Saturday: 8 AM - 5:30 PM; 7 PM - 9PM
o       Sunday: 8 AM - 3PM
o       Location: El Paso, TX; venue TBA

Module #3: Thursday - Sunday, December 5-8, 2002
o       Thursday - Saturday: 8 AM - 5:30 PM; 7 PM - 9 PM
o       Sunday: 8 AM - 3PM
o       Location: Santa Fe, NM; venue TBA

In-between each of the 3 modules mentioned above, ZERI Certification 
Training participants will:
o       Complete all assigned readings
o       Submit one or two 5-10 page papers on an assigned topic
o       Make at least 3 ZERI practice presentations to groups in the 
participant's community or sphere of influence
o       Participate in any scheduled online chat rooms or other group 
activities to be determined

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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