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[GreenYes] Fw: Questions from Resource magazine FAO Bill Sheehan
Are there any "Simpsons" fans out there?  Please reply to this
British freelancer, who is writing an article for a nice new U.K.
magazine that popularizes reuse and recycling for the public.
Thanks.  /bill s.

----- Original Message -----
From: sifry
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 10:36 AM
Subject: Questions from Resource magazine FAO Bill Sheehan

I am a freelance journalist researching an article for an English
magazine called Resource. I have got your email address from its
editor, Anna Maris.

The article deals with the extent to which Lisa Simpson acts as an
effective recycling role model to North American children (and
adults!) Recycling and waste management features regularly in the
programme, in particular in the "The Old Man and the Lisa"
episode. I would be very grateful if you are able to answer all or
some of the following questions.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance, I look forward to
hearing from you shortly.
My address is
Kind regards,
Simon Fry

1          To what extent do you consider the Lisa character to be a
useful role model to the recycling cause?

2          How clearly is her zeal for recycling understood by

3          Are you aware of any instances where her environmental
awareness has been used by groups such as yourselves to
support the recycling message? If yes, do you have contacts with
these groups I could pursue?

4          Do you have any figures to illustrate increasing
awareness of recycling in North America (in children and
adults?) Do any of these relate to the impact made by Lisa?

5            Although Lisa is often gently mocked for her
conscientiousness, The Simpsons' scriptwriters come across as
supportive of her. How receptive are they to the need for
mainstream coverage of recycling issues? Even when she is
teased for her beliefs, is it the case all publicity is good publicity?

6          Do you lobby this or any other television programmes for
inclusion of your issues in storylines? How effective is this

7          Given current concerns over Kyoto, how important is it
to have such a prominent mouthpiece for environmental issues?

8          Do you recall any particular response to the "The Old
Man and the Lisa" episode (it was first broadcast 4/20/97?)

"The Old Man and Lisa" 
      Mr. Burns loses all of his money through a series of foolish
investments. Burns recalls how Lisa Simpson goaded him so roughly when he
spoke at her school and decides to enlist her to help him gain his fortune
back. At first, Lisa distrusts the evil tycoon, but together they start a
recycling business that earns them a fortune, one nickel at a time. Burns
soon branches out, starting a fish and dolphin trapping business that
disgusts Lisa with its brutality. Lisa denounces Burns yet again, refusing
to accept any of his money.

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