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[GreenYes] green goods
06 March 2002
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE, a project of Earth Day Network

Green products won't necessarily keep a company out of the red:  Many 
businesses are concluding that eco-friendly marketing campaigns 
simply don't work.  Forty-one percent of U.S. consumers say they 
don't buy green products because they fear inferior performance, 
according to a Roper poll, and most say they prioritize convenience 
over ideology when making purchasing decisions.  The result? 
Recycling rates are down, single-serving packaging is up, and fewer 
products are marketed as eco-friendly.  Some environmentalists blame 
the problem on confusion generated by inconsistent, and hence 
untrustworthy, labeling systems for ostensibly environmentally 
friendly products.

straight to the source:  Wall Street Journal, Geoffrey A. Fowler, 06 
Mar 2002  
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