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Re: [GreenYes] Recycled Paper Markets
On 4 Mar 2002 at 20:42, wrote:

> Conservatree and the Alliance for Environmental Innovation did a study
> of recycled paper capacity over the past several months. We found
> enormous unused capacity for making high grade postconsumer recycled
> fiber, but such little demand for finished recycled printing and
> writing paper that some recycling mills are shutting down and others
> are cutting back drastically on some long-popular papers. It's clear
> that purchasers need to significantly drive up the market share for
> recycled papers now or we risk losing the infrastructure. 

Hi Susan...

This is a very clear case of sustainable products being put at a disadvantage due to 
what we call here, perverse subsidies...

The paper people, who have locally a dismal environmental record (their "forests" are 
ecological deserts, sprayed with all kinds of toxins, with close to zero worker 
protection) are being subsidised to do all of that, but the recycling is seen as a "full 
cost recovery" operation...

We must accpet that the market is not free, in any sense of the word, and possibly 
we should be looking at levelling the playing fields in this regard, so that 
unsustainable products naturally cost more - are there people on the list working on 

we have some policies around this here, which will hopefully be implemented as 
times goes on - basic polluter pays legislation, etc...

kind regards
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