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[GreenYes] FW: PAGP-Discuss Hemp Paper Coming to Staples for Earth Day
can this be true???
Still a long way to go...but another step in the right direction.



-----Original Message-----
From: Carl Romanelli []
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 7:19 AM
To: Alliance Green; Pennsylvania Green Party; Harrisburg Greens
Subject: PAGP-Discuss Hemp Paper Coming to Staples for Earth Day

Green Party of Pennsylvania

DATE:  March 5, 2002
Contact: Carolyn Moran, Living Tree Paper Company

(Please let people know about this by spreading the

Tree-Free and recycled paper in the mainstream for
Earth Day 2002
HempFlax blended Paper to Debut in Over 1,000 Staples™
Stores by
 Earth Day (April 20).

Consumers can celebrate Earth Day 2002 at more than
1,000 StaplesTM Superstores across the country by
purchasing reams of newly-stocked Vanguard Recycled
Plus, TM a 90% post-consumer waste, 10% nonwood paper
manufactured by Living Tree Paper CompanyTM (Eugene,
Oregon). Expected to sell at a price point of $6.99,
the versatile sheet is guaranteed for use in ink-jet
printers, laser printers, and copiers and makes a
beautiful business stationery.

"No new trees went into this paper!" the bright green
and white label announces. Instead, Vanguard Recycled
Plus™ is made from recycled office paper and HempFlax,
a combination of hemp and flax fibers.  The 24#
premium white bond paper is acid free and
process-chlorine free, and the HempFlax portion is
totally chlorine free. The paper is distributed
through Southworth Paper Company (Agawam,
Massachusetts) a 160 year old producer of fine paper.
Southworth is the leading distributor of fine papers
in all office superstores.

With this move, Staples, Inc., a Massachusetts-based,
$11-billion retailer of office supplies, joins over 40
Fortune 500 companies who have pledged to phase out
virgin-wood papers and substitute true environmental
alternatives. “We commend Staples for making the
effort to provide its customers with a true
environmental paper, and we’re delighted that
Southworth has joined us in this effort,” said Carolyn
Moran, president of Living Tree Paper Company. A
leader in developing nonwood and post-consumer waste
papers since 1995, Living Tree Paper Company supplies
clients such as Mitsubishi, Nike and Patagonia.

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