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[GreenYes] Recycled Paper Markets

With all due respect to Conservatree and the Alliance for Environmental
Innovation and their recent study of paper markets, it is important to
recognize that they just addressed a small percentage of the paper
industry. Without a doubt, there is room for change in the printing and
writing paper segment of the industry ---- magazines, catalogues, copy
paper and stationary.  These products, however, are just a small part of
the paper picture. Tissue, newspaper, recycled paperboard, wallboard
facing paper and the liner and medium which go into corrugated boxes are
creating a significant demand for commercial and residential papers.
The American Forest & Paper Association latest data shows that close to
50% of paper consumed in the US is recovered for recycling and recovered
fiber now constitutes 37% of the paper industry's raw material. (The
difference is made up in exports of recovered fiber to mills in Canada,
Mexico, Asia and elsewhere.)  In other words, what otherwise looks like
a bleak recycling report, only addresses a small part of the picture.
The big picture is much brighter, even if prices aren't. 

Pablo Collins
Paper Recycling Coalition & 
100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance      
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