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[GreenYes] recycled paper and styrofoam cups
Wow!  I am very glad I joined Greenyes.  In less than
24 hours, I have received so many great ideas to take
to my meeting with the president.  With the
information I've received in hand, I suppose my next
step is to find out how much we pay for the
copy/printing paper (100% made in Brazil, by the way),
as well as whether we have a contract with the paper
As for the use of styrofoam cups in the cafeteria...
I received the suggestion to convince the cafeteria to
charge more for a drink in a styrofoam cup than a
glass one; unfortunately that isn't possible b/c at
our school students can eat or drink as much as they
want at an individual meal.  Our housing and food plan
pay for as much food as we want.  Another one of the
reasons students use styrofoam cups (and plates and
bowls) is that there is sometimes a shortage of the
regular dishes b/c so many students take them back to
their room with them.  I suppose that problem needs to
be tackled first and then I can speak with the
director of dining services about the styrofoam cups
(maybe I can convince him to put a sign there
encouraging students to only use the styrofoam cups if
they are taking their drink out of the cafeteria--not
ideal, but a step).  
Thanks again for everyone's help and great advice!
-Laura English

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