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Re: [GreenYes] Ways to encourage recycled paper, college campus?

Laura, you are to be commended for your efforts to make positive changes
on your campus.  I am hoping you hear from others on this list; but in the
meantime I did a quick search in Google for 'recycled paper Roanoke
Virginia' and came up with this blurb from
"Approximately 1/3 of all timber...
...that is logged on US public lands is used to make PAPER.*

Want to change that? You can. The office paper you use at work, home,
school, or church will impact our forests. That impact can be devastating
or it can be beneficial - it's up to you. Plowshare has 100 % POST
CONSUMER CONTENT RECYCLED OFFICE PAPER! For copying, printing, faxing,
typing. $3.70 a ream (our cost). It's white w/ no speckles, #20 weight.

If you don't think you employer, church, day care, civics group, school,
or friends will be interested, ASK THEM ANYWAY. The worst they can say is
no. Educating people about sustainable choices means talking about those
choices -- for as long as it takes! Great shifts in culture and industry
are started by a little nudge! Get out there and nudge! Call 540-985-0808
for info.

Incidentally folks, Plowshare's teeny little program to change the world
one ream at a time has gone well. We have supplied people, organizations,
and businesses in Roanoke and the New River Valley, as well as a regional
Sierra Club office, and have gotten inquiries from as far away as North
Carolina! We've supplied strangers who just saw the paper at a drop point;
we've been contacted by people who heard about us from folks we don't even
know. The cases are dropped at the office here, but the ripples spread
clear out of Virginia."

* info from National Forest Protection Alliance

It would be my guess that the State of Virginia contracts with recycled
paper vendors for sales to your state universities.  If you haven't done
so already you might want to contact the purchasing departments there to
ask which vendors are used, at what rates, etc.  Also, talk to their
university food service program directors to learn about possible
experience they may have re: alternatives to styrofoam cups.

Best regards, please keep us posted as to your progress,
Edna Glenn
Seattle, WA USA

> On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Laura E. wrote: ...I am meeting with the president
> of the school, as well as the director of the "physical plant" next week
> and I'd like to propose some reasons why the school should buy recycled
> paper that will hopefully overwhelm the lure of inexpensive "virgin"
> paper.  Also, how do I convince students on campus to stop using the
> styrofoam cups the cafeteria puts out in the dining hall?...

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