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[GreenYes] [Green Yes] Ways to encourage use of recycled paper on college campus?

Hi all.  I am a new subscriber, as well.  Just a
couple quick requests for advice...
I run the newly-brought-back recycling program on my
small liberal arts college campus.  We have begun a
mixed paper recycling project that is supported by the
administration.  Since we have no curbside recycling
in our county, dedicated students recycle and
transport as many aluminum cans (we only get 30 cents
a pound here--I made $6 the other day off of an entire
carload of crushed cans--very depressing), glass
bottles and plastic items as we can collect.  
I am meeting with the president of the school, as well
as the director of the "physical plant" next week and
I'd like to propose some reasons why the school should
buy recycled paper that will hopefully overwhelm the
lure of inexpensive "virgin" paper.  
Also, how do I convince students on campus to stop
using the styrofoam cups the cafeteria puts out in the
dining hall?  Lots of students use them in the
cafeteria rather than use glass cups--I think the real
purpose of the styrofoam cups is for taking cups out
of the cafeteria, but plenty of girls use them
unnecessarily (not that taking them out of the
cafeteria is necessary, either--bring your own cup!). 
Thanks for your help.

Laura English
Hollins University
Recycle Coordinator 

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