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[GreenYes] Thoughts on careers in recycling?


I am a new subscriber so I apologize if I am repeating frequent requests for
information (though I didn't see any right away on the archives, so
hopefully I'm clear).
I am very interested in making a career of waste reduction, recycling, and
waste education. I am hoping to go to graduate school this fall to begin a
structured curriculum in resource policy and non-profit management in order
to help me reach my goal. Before I spend the money, though, I thought I'd
contact successful professionals  in the field or other interested parties
to pick your brain about what kind of curriculum would be most beneficial,
and whether an advanced degree is necessary at all. 

I have included a list of topics I hope to cover in my graduate program,
either through the regular curriculum or through individualized study. 

The graduate program I am applying for is a MBA/MS dual degree in Non-profit
management and resource policy. Courses include solid waste management,
environmental conflict resolution, natural resource economics, among others.

In your opinion, is it beneficial to pursue this advanced degree? 

Any input you can provide is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance! 
Laura Flanigan 

* Chemical properties of materials 
* Manufacturing info- economic and logistical obstacles to using 
recycled materials 
* Economic issues of recycling and using recycled products 
* Marketing of green and recycled content products 
* Policy - how to implement bottle bills or other waste reduction incentives

* Policy - why subsidies on virgin materials exist 
* Recycling market overview 
* Environmental education - how to educate about waste reduction 

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