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RE:[GreenYes] recycling in pittsburgh
        Stand up and be heard, do not keep quite, and do not stop.  Keep trying to organize something -anything you are in college now this is the time to learn how.  Believe me it does not change out in the 'real world' you will need to do the same out here too.  We will need your help as we need your help.   Keep going!  
        Also chek out the CCI Center  they are a nonprofit and might be able to help you.  They put on the Solar home tour for ASES(.org) every year, the following is copied from the tour .....
You are encouraged to begin your tour at CCI Center on Pittsburgh's South Side where you can pick up a map and information and peruse Green building displays.  In 1999, the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment named CCI Center one of the 10 most significant building projects in the country.  Some features include a 2.5kw solar array, indirect lighting, a light monitor, radiant slab heating and healthy and reused building materials. 
Located at 64 S. 14th St. one block south of Carson St. 			
Open for tours from 10am - 4pm.  				

   And to Steve Weisser I see you are on this forum And promoting the Green Party, thats alright with me.   I'm in Erie Pa with the Party up here.

Bruce Arkwright,Jr
Erie's Efficiency And Solar Society

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