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Re: [GreenYes] recycling in pittsburgh
Dear Abby:

I am currently working with GRRN in the development of a selected listing of
Web accessible resources on campus-based recycling and waste reduction
education.  In the meantime, here are some resources that I think will be
helpful to you:

Green Destiny Council - Penn State

Carnegie Mellon Environmental Practices Committee

Slippery Rock Recycling Program

Indiana University Recycling

Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP)

PA Department of Environmental Protection - Recycling

Allegheny County Health Department - Recycling

National Wildlife Federation - Campus Ecology

Second Nature

Sustainable Development on Campus

College and University Recycling Council

Humboldt State Recycling Program
Select "Resources for Other Campuses" to access their "how-to" manual on
campus recycling

Roger M. Guttentag

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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 6:04 PM
Subject: [GreenYes] recycling in pittsburgh

> Hello I am a student at the University of Pittsburgh and have a concern
> about recycling here.  As an advocate of environmental awareness, I have
> been very displeased by the fact that our residence halls do not have
> recyling bins in our rooms or on our floors.  The only recyling bins are
> the ground floor, and are very small.  Personally, I go there stacks of
> recyclable paper a day, including: newspapers, printed papers, and other
> worksheets distributed in class.  I live with 8 other girls and know for a
> fact that they go through very similar amounts of paper a day too.  We do
> not have recyclable garbage cans in our rooms to throw the paper away in.
> Instead, thousands of sheets of recylable paper is wasted by being thrown
> into the "regular" garbage cans.  The university's way of making up for
> this is by putting small recycling bins on the ground floor.  Now there
> 10 floors in my building and I can assure you that nobody races down ten
> flights of stairs to take the time to throw away some paper in a recylcing
> bin.  This upsets me.  There are hundreds of students that live in my
> building, and over 20,000 students that attend my school.  The exact
> of students that live in dorms is unknown to me.  However, multiply say 10
> sheets of paper a day for only 10,000 of the total students (living in
> dorms), and you get 100,000 sheets of paper that are not being recycled in
> dorm rooms!!  in only one college day!. This number is incredible.  As
> day passes more and more unrecycled paper is being thrown to waste.  Our
> university also provides us with a daily newspaper called the "Pitt News."
> There are stacks of these papers all over campus.  When students grab a
> paper on the way to their dorm room to read it, the paper is never
> recylcled.
> I need somebody's help.  I dont even know where to start or who to
> approach?  But what I do know is that our campus is being wasteful and
> unresourceful.  It is the year 2002, and there is no excuse to this.  The
> truth must be known, and we must be provided with a recyclable garbage can
> in our rooms.
> Please! does anyone know what I should do next?
> Thank you, Abby

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