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[GreenYes] junk mail
	I am wondering about the junk mail I receive.
		I always take the window off, toss it in the garbage and
recycle the rest.
	My question is whether it's worth the effort to remove the little
window?  The little newsletter we receive quarterly in the mail regarding
what we can and can not recycle says we can recycle envelopes.  What does
that mean regarding the window?
	And since I'm rambling, I try and inform all places that I do
business with or donate money to to not rent or sell my name.  But I
constantly get junkmail from credit card companies.  For awhile I sent
requests to remove my name from their list.  Apparently they haven't.  Is
there anything I can do?
	What I've started to do is take their postage paid envelope and send
them the rest of my junk mail.  While short-term satisfying, it's
frustrating that they're wasting the resources to begin with and they're
probably not recycling it when it goes back to them.
	Thoughts?  Comments?

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