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Re: [GreenYes] Technology and Recycling's Future
Two cents:

I think Peter's right. A key risk to recyclers exists because of the gap between them and the decision-makers in product/package design. No sooner does the recycler invest in equipment to handle widget X than the producer of widget X introduces a new-and-improved widget X' that the equipment can't handle. If Widget X, Inc. were responsible for recycling as well as producing its widgets, they might go for automated recycling equipment -- or not -- but you can be sure there would be good communication between the design-production dept and the recycling dept. This is, as I understand it, the gap that Peter and PRP are trying to fill with plastics, right Peter? This is why more and more of us are trying to get producers engaged in recycling and believe that in the next phase recyclers will be suppliers to producers, rather than to municipalities and an adjunct to the waste industry, which is the current situation, more often than not.

Peter, do you have any insights into how we can go about getting landfill pricing right? Are you thinking of Pigovian taxes that would raise the price, leveling the playing field with recycling? Seems to me that is a necessary but not sufficient condition. If it is a tax/surcharge that will level the price upwards, what will happen to the $$ collected? We need to be thinking about how those $$ would be deployed in an economically efficient way. Do you have any ideas?

At 05:40 PM 02/25/2002 -0600, Peter Anderson wrote:
    That's why we have to concentrate all of our fire power are getting
landfill pricing corrected...

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