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[GreenYes] Climate change database

Pew Center Unveils Database of State and Local Case Studies

Case studies of state and local programs that quantify greenhouse gas
reductions are now easily accessible and searchable through a new database
from the Pew Center. Users can search for programs by state, program type,
or key word.

With support from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, the National
Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) surveyed state offices--
including energy, environment, natural resources, transportation, and other
agencies--to identify projects and programs that produce a net reduction in
greenhouse gases. Some programs were designed specifically to address
climate change, but many were designed for other purposes such as improving
energy efficiency or promoting water conservation. All of the programs,
however, directly or indirectly result in documented reductions of
greenhouse gases.

Besides describing the programs and listing their greenhouse gas benefits,
the case studies in the database document how the programs were developed
and funded, the challenges that were overcome to implement them, and the
lessons learned along the way. The database currently contains 21 case
studies of programs from 14 states, but the database is intended to
continue growing as more state and local programs are implemented and
results are received. Many recently developed programs are not included
because they have not been in effect long enough for their emissions
reductions to be documented. The Pew Center invites users to help the
database evolve by submitting information about similar programs or
providing comments on the database Web site.

To view current state and local activities through the Pew Center's
database, see the center's Web site at:

For information about climate change for public officials, visit on the EPA
Global Warming Site. The site covers a wealth of topics such as the climate
system, state greenhouse gas emissions, impacts of climate change on our
states and cities, and innovative voluntary actions that can be taken at
the state and local levels to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions
while saving money.

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