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[GreenYes] [greenyes] Conservatree Listening Study Question 3

Thanks very much to those of you who responded to our Listening Study Questions 1 and 2!

As a quick reminder, I will be sending questions to this listserv once a week for the next several weeks as part of Conservatree's Environmental Paper Industry Listening Study (you can read more about the study at or

You can respond to the listserv as a whole if you’re interested in dialogue, or to me personally ( if you’d rather.  Please let us know if we can use your name or organization name in our report.

Question 3:

If cost were not an issue, how could purchasers be persuaded to buy environmental papers*? 

If you are currently purchasing environmental papers, what conditions need to exist in order for you to continue to purchase those papers?  What conditions would prevent you from purchasing environmental papers?


*Our definition of “environmental papers” includes, but is not limited to: recycled paper, “tree free” (agricultural crops and residues), chlorine free (TCF, PCF, ECF and unbleached), “sustainably forested” (certified and non-old growth), and combinations of these, both within these fiber categories and with virgin wood fiber.  


Thank you for your time.  Your input is greatly appreciated.

Darby Hoover                
Executive Director       
Recycled Paper Coalition


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