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[GreenYes] NYC Story
This is being posted for Neil Seldman. 
Please send any personal responses to him.



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Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 12:46 PM
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> CS:  I believe that Neil was trying to post the following to the
> Greeneyes site.  Can you assist with this?  Thanks.  -kas
> Dear Network. I do not know if my last email went through so here is
> another try.
> I do not know the entire NYC story; but our research shows that
> recycling can be far cheaper than disposal; particularly if the city
> were to a. use the Marine Transfer Stations in the right way; and
> implement the specific suggestions generated by NYC community and
> environmental groups. Their reports are very comprehensive. The city has
> been ignoring them for years. Recycling is currently cheaper than
> disposal according to the city's own data.
> ILSR's technical report is on our webpage  see waste to wealth
> section.
> The point is that if the city wants to save money it should invest more
> in recycling immediately. It may be a good strategy to push this
> approach rather than try to find special money for recycling.
> Neil

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