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RE: [GreenYes] Staples Takeback Feedback
My weekend Staples experience:  I called my closest store (Fairfax Circle)
on Friday and the manager told me all was well - gave me the name of the
weekend manager and where the computers would be going.  Jennifer DeLong,
Alexandria's recycling specialist, told me via the listserv that "DMC
Electronics Recycling operates the warehouse/recycling plant in Hagerstown
and I am positive your computer would be handled responsibly there if you
bring it to Staples." 
So, I dusted off the old Macintosh system, and Monday I went to the store -
where the first 3 people had no idea what I was talking about.  (meanwhile,
this CPU is getting heavy - can I talk to a manager?)  That manager told me
her store was not a drop-off location - but by name-dropping the other
manager I had talked to, she agreed to take it and said it would still get
recycled.  There were only 2 other names on the sign-in sheet I filled out,
so maybe there was more info in the paper than I had from here and the web
I wasn't in the market for $100 of office supplies at that moment, so I
skipped the rebate part.  I can only hope that the 3 units dropped off at
that store make it to the right place.  
Jennifer also told me there's an event coming up in Fairfax County in April,
and one in Alexandria, too, so I will take the other "spare" CPU to them at
that point.  
Conclusion:  it's tough being a responsible consumer/disposer, when you
aren't sure if other people know what you want them to know.  Also, in the
end I just needed to get rid of the darn thing, so I compromised my
principles to a point in order to get my errand done.  I hope it works out

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From: 	Kennedy Cheri L DLVA [mailto:KennedyCL@NSWC.NAVY.MIL] 
Sent:	Tuesday, February 19, 2002 10:28 AM
Subject:	RE: [GreenYes] Staples Takeback Feedback

All - I passed word about Staples plans to take back computers last weekend
and this is what I found in my email this morning.  I was disappointed.


Ms Kennedy,

	Turns out the information you received re the Staples PC recycling
offer was incomplete.  Staples would accept a PC for recycling ONLY if the
customer bought either a new Pentium IV PC or at least $100 worth of other
supplies.  So they weren't really being good corporate citizens, just trying
to increase sales.  I discovered this on Sunday when I tried to turn in an
old computer at the Fredericksburg Staples.

Mike Redding

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