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Re: [GreenYes] Re: Archival Environmental Papers
Thanks for the tip and the link, Susan.

It's going to be a long process to find what I'm after, if it even

Inkjet papers are manufactured to optimize the results obtained when
printing with inkjet printers.

There are longevity tests available for some of the "fine-art" or "photo
quality" inkjet paper/ink combinations. Image degradation can occur in
as little as a few weeks, and some papers are purported to be "fast" for
in excess of a hundred years.

"Acid Free" is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for "archival

As far as I can tell, environmental issues are totally ignored by the
manufacturers and the mailing lists of inkjet users that I monitor. A
query to one list about these things got no response.

As "photo quality" inkjet printers become ubiquitous - HP, Epson,
Lexmark, and others make models that give very good quality in the $100
to $200 price range - there will be more papers and inks manufactured
for these printers. As more people use digital cameras and inkjet
printers, the printing that was done at photo labs will shift (is
shifting) to home and office. There are air quality issues due to the
toxicity of the inks in addition to the impact of the printed paper on
the environment.

I'll continue my quest for information. I will report back on my

Alan McGill

"" wrote:
> RE: Green Photography Resources
> The paper industry has been moving towards alkaline pulping, away from the
> acidic processes they used in the past which caused paper to deteriorate.
> Many of the recycled paper manufacturers tell us that their papers are
> "acid-free," which we show on our papers listings at
> I take "acid-free" to mean archival, but if there is a higher standard that
> you need for photographs, the companies that indicate that their papers are
> acid-free are a good place to start in determining which meet your
> requirements.
> Susan
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