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[GreenYes] Re: [Greenyes Digest] V2 #191
Stephan Pollard asks:

"I believe it is those Tropicana 1 gallon juice containers that have both
#7 Other and the #2 Compatible stamps on the bottom of them.  Could
anyone shed some light on what this "#2 Compatible" means?  Is the jug
recyclable as a #2 plastic or should it be treated only as a #7?"

If memory serves, Tropicana's #2 bottle has had its barrier properties
enhanced by layering another resin that is not HDPE.  I don't recall off
hand what it is, however.

In any event, many states have statutes and rules governing which SPI code
no. is appropriate on a bottle. Based upon our review of the states'
statutes, 39 states have some SPI provision, of which 14 make no specific
reference to how multilayer bottles are to be treated, 6 follow the SPI
guidance of conditioning the use of a no. 1 on whether a multilayer bottle
is compatible, and 19 seem to require all multilayer bottles to be a no. 7.

I haven't myself yet had a chance to talk with Tropicana, but I would have
to guess that they decided to use one standard label for the entire country
(as do most national brands), and since 19 states, including California I
might note, require all multilayer bottles to be a no. 7, presumably they
decided to just go with that.

Then, apparently, they may have some tests to show that IN THE VOLUMES THAT
THEIR BOTTLE WILL BE SOLD, their barrier material will not adversely affect
#2 recycling.  I couldn't tell you whether this is correct or not, but I
haven't heard anything from the reclaimers indicating that they've
experienced any problem.

At the Plastic Redesign Project we did an in depth examination of the
barriers used in PET bottles that can be found at,
and which also explains what the methodology should consist of for a careful
review.  But, we don't yet have funding to examine the HDPE barrier
situation.  Sorry.

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