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Re: [GreenYes] Thank Waste Management :>) wrote:
> What corporate BS!  

yup! the point is clear - the mechanisms we need in place to ensure that
offsets are correctly handled, especially during the Kyoto process,
become more important than ever!

the issue of sinks (which we were unable to exclude at this stage in
Bonn, but did succeed in excluding nuclear) is a point in case - IF the
science is proven correct, that trees are sinks for CO2 at a certain
level, what happens:
1) while it is reahcing maturity?
2) what happens if it dies prematurely?
3) what happens when it reaches the end of it's natural life?
4) how will this be monitored and reported on?

gives one some idea of the potential complexities...

maybe simplistically, I believe that the only way to get this right is
to simply produce less GHG's - easy to monitor, most guranteed positive
impact, etc... 

> A whole host of metaphors comes to mind in response to this greenwashing.
> "Bag of hot air." "Gas bag." "Blowing smoke up our --ses."  "Blowhards." Etc.

*laughs* what was that one about PR? "If you had 100 PR people in a
room, how many hot air balloons would you be able to fill?"

take care all...


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