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[GreenYes] Back on my soapbox
About a month ago I inquired re: what was the buzz re: non-reusable inkjet cartridges with computer chips which don't allow refilling.  It didn't generate any discussion so I felt I may be misinterpreting the seriousness.

On the front page of 2/4/02 Waste News, and in the Editorial Section it addresses this issue, but doesn't have a clear solution or way to protest noted.

	Paraphrased . . . In 1998, 24.4 million toner cartrides 	out of 71.3 were remanufactured. . . .the smart chips 	haven't had a tangible effect on the industry yet, but 	eqpt. manufacturers are getting more aggressive to keep 	their cartridge business . . .

. . . The Imaging Technology has not found a way to fight the issue in court, but is taking its argument to legislators and institutional buyers.

 If anybody can recommend the most effective way to attack this problem, get the word out, etc., please share.  I was totally caught off guard when purchasing this printer that unknowingly would put an end to further reuse options.  Do we just find a way to get the word to consumers, lobby Epson . . .?
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