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[GreenYes] [greenyes] Conservatree Listening Study Question 1
As many of you know, Conservatree, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive information and tools for purchasers to make informed choices in environmental papers, is in the process of launching an Environmental Paper Industry Listening Study.  This study will examine 100+ questions affecting development of environmental printing and writing paper markets, in order to reveal the basis for the obstacles slowing market development. It is also expected to provide a comprehensive foundation for understanding and discussing the issues, as well as recommend courses of action to further work on resolving the underlying barriers. The study will include as wide a range of participants as possible.


Wed like to request that the members of this listserv assist us with answering a few of the questions addressed in the study, and will be posting a different question each week for a couple of months for your consideration.  You can respond to the listserv as a whole if youre interested in dialogue, or to me personally ( if youd rather.  Please let us know if we can use your name or organization name in our report (you can read more about our confidentiality policy at  


For more information about the Listening Study, including the full list of questions, please visit  To learn more about the participation of the Recycled Paper Coalition in this study, please visit 


1) What do you, or others you know or have heard of, think are the problems with using recycled paper in specific types of equipment (copiers, printers, printing presses, etc.)? (Your examples dont have to be "scientific" or provable; wed like to hear about perceptions as well as documented instances.)


Have you heard of or directly experienced difficulties using recycled paper in particular types of equipment?  Please describe equipment problems as specifically as possible, including type of problem, paper characteristics (% of postconsumer content, etc.) and equipment characteristics (type of machine, age, etc.).

What enabled you to identify the recycled content as the source of the problem?

What steps did you take to address the problem?


Thank you very much for your time and responses.

Darby Hoover                
Executive Director       
Recycled Paper Coalition


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