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[GreenYes] #3-7 plastics at curbside
Does anyone know of recycling operators opposed to APC's plan to
encourage collection of #3-7 plastics at curbside?  Please respond
directly to Tim, as he's not on the listserve.  You can cc the listserve
and me too.
Brenda Platt
Institute for Local Self-Reliance

>>  Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:02:39 -0800
>>  From: Tim Krupnik <>
>>  Hello,
>  > My name is Tim and I work for the Berkeley Ecology Center
>recycling and education program.  I am currently working to write a
>resolution for the city and state to adopt combatting the American
>Plastics Council's motion to collect #3-7 plastics at the curbside.
>The general feeling here is that to present the 3-7 collections is
>to promote them as "recyclable," which they won't be.  This is, in
>our view, propaganda that mis-leads the public and makes recycling
>appear to be less environmentally concerned.
>  >
>>  I was informed that you might know of other municipal recycling
>>operations that are opposing their motion (I need to provide
>>evidence that this is not just a "Berkeley Thing," and that there
>>are reliable, concerned people in the industry opposed to the APC's
>>  Might you have any information, articles, etc?
>  >
>  > Please let me know.  Thank You,
>  > Tim krupnik
>  > Plastics Task Force.

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