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[GreenYes] More on ZERI Seminar New Mexico 2/4

Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives

ZERI offers an effective alternative to the current inadequate attempts to 
halt poverty and environmental degradation.  Since first steps were taken 
to make the environment and development a central issue for business and 
policy makers, ideas have emerged which attempt to reduce the negative 
impact of human activity on Earth.  Since the 1972 UNCED Stockholm 
conference, we have made only modest efforts towards "sustainable 
development", "eco-efficiency", "cleaner production", "industrial 
metabolism", and "natural capitalism".

While these efforts certainly deserve merit and attention, none have been 
able to reverse the dramatic downward environmental trend we have witnessed 
since industrialization became the model for development.  And still we are 
incapable of responding to about one billion people's needs for food, 
water, health care, housing and jobs.

ZERI is a non-profit organization established under Swiss law in 1994 in 
response to the alarming pressure humanity is putting on the 
environment.  A network of scientists, business people, government 
officials and educators, work in the tradition of systems-thinking inspired 
by nature which uses all outputs as input for some other process.  By 
re-using "waste", we create more products, more jobs, a cleaner environment 
and stronger social system.

ABOUT GUNTER PAULI, founder and Director of ZERI

He lectures regularly around the world to businesses, governments, 
universities and communities on using the ZERI approach. He has written a 
number of articles and books, including his most recent "Upsizing," and has 
developed ZERI educational curriculum for elementary through university 

Monday, February 4, 2002

Registration Instructions:
Please fill out form below completely.  Make check payable to Sustainable 
Communities, Inc.  Registration form and fees must be received prior to 
January 28, 2002

For information about the seminar, contact:
Lynda Taylor, 505-986-1454(ph); 505-986-6019(fx)

For more information about ZERI, contact:

Lodging.  Some rooms have been blocked for on-site lodging at Sunrise 
Springs Inn & Retreat by contacting them directly at:  Tollfree 
800-955-0028; Direct 505-471-3600; Fax 505-471-7365; Online:

For your information:

Set on 69 acres in the quiet desert valley of historic La Cienega, Sunrise 
Springs nestles in the heart of a serene natural oasis, amidst spring-fed 
ponds, century-old cottonwoods, and majestic views of the surrounding 
mountain ranges. Accommodations include: Elegant casitas with fireplaces 
and private courtyard; on site Blue Heron Restaurant; garden and pond view 
rooms, each with private patio; outdoor hot tubs, sauna, cable TV, in-room 
voice mail and internet access, walking paths, Spa services  (massage 
therapies, aromatherapies, wraps and Ayurvedic herbal treatments).

Directions:  Take I-25 to La Cienega exit 276 12 miles south of Santa Fe or 
276B  from Albq.; from ramp, turn right onto Hwy.599 No.; take first left 
onto Frontage Rd.; right onto Los Pinos; 2.5 miles to Sunrise Springs to # 

Restaurant:  Dinner is available after the seminar at the Blue Heron 
Restaurant on site.

Senior, Student and  Nonprofit Activist Fee Reduction:  To support these 
important constituencies attending, a 50% reduced fee (or $137.50 plus $25 
lunch) payment is offered to qualified applicants.  Seniors (age 55 and 
over) please provide a copy of your driver's license.  Students, please 
provide a copy of your current student ID or registration.  Activists 
please supply a brief letter on your organization's letterhead describing 
your work and how the conference will benefit your community.  Send or fax 
requested documentation with your registration form.

Due January 28, 2002

Name: ___________________________________________



City/State/Zip: ____________________________________

Day Phone:___________________Fax:_________________


Will you have lunch with us?______Vegetarian? _________
(Lunches will be served at the Blue Heron Restaurant on site,  prepared 
with local organic foods)


Registration Fee for one person  $275.00………….$______
Lunch and refreshments for one .$ 25.00 ………….$______

			Total Amount Enclosed…… $______

I am enclosing check #  ______ for the full amount.


Limited partial scholarships are available.  Check if qualified and 
interested___________  See above for details.

Send form and registration fee to:

ZERI Seminar
c/o Sustainable Communities, Inc.
P.O. Box 8017
Santa Fe, NM  87504-8017
505-820-0186(ph); 505-983-7925(fx)

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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email to:

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