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[GreenYes] another "zero" in the world
Greetings all,

The term "Zero Waste" is not without controversy, but many people
may or may not know that promoting the idea of "zero" has a lengthy
history in industry and government.  (I don't have the full list, but I
know Gary Liss does because he showed a slide during our recent
Zero Waste session at the NRC conference in Seattle.... Gary, could
you post that list here please?)

So, here we have a new one... the Zero Energy Home !!!

(note: their vision is NOT a home that doesn't use energy,
but instead to redesign the way homes use energy using renewable energy
technologies along with state-of-art energy efficiency construction
and technology.   In a similar vein, Zero Waste does not mean
zero discards ... )

"DOE Funds Homebuilders to Introduce Zero Energy Homes.  This past fall,
the US Department of Energy selected four homebuilding teams to
introduce the Zero Energy Homes (ZEH) concept into new home construction
in the United States. The focus on new residential construction will
result in single-family homes that optimally combine commercially
available renewable energy technologies with state-of-the-art energy
efficiency construction techniques.  Under the DOE initiative, the
‘National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is providing funding to
Steven Winters Associates, Inc. (Norwalk, CT), ConSol (Stockton, CA),
David Energy Group (Davis, CA), and the NAHB Research Center (Upper
Marlboro, MD).  Projects to be undertaken include: implementation of a
full set of cost-effective energy efficient measures to minimize energy
use and permit the use of appropriate-sized solar equipment; design and
evaluation of the construction and performance of ZEH prototypes; and
encouraging and enabling production builders to adopt solar
technologies.  (NREL News Release, September 2, 2001,"

Eric Lombardi

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