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[GreenYes] Re: Clopyralid and Dow
Thanks, Gary for posting the Sea. Times article.  This
"problem" is a tragedy for Washington's compost industry.
After years of hard work and concerted effort to produce
the highest quality compost and to get the public to
understand its value and believe in its benefits, these
businesses are threatened to the core by this persistent,
hidden pollutant. 
Clopyralid is like a booby trap, waiting to take even the
most organic business down. I know Art Biggert personally.
He's the last one I would have expected to be affected. But
there you have it.
Dow Chemical makes this product. It works quite well; So
well that it is an extreme danger to the entire organics
recycling infrastructure. Dow Chemical--not the buyers or
users following Dow's instructions for the product--is
responsible for this tragedy. Putting a little notice on
the label saying the treated material should not be
composted is NOT sufficient. 
Dow Chemical should be held legally responsible by every
municipality and business whose recycling efforts are
threatened by this pollutant. A class action suit is
Further, as soon as possible, the use of this product
should be banned in all urban landscape/turf settings. It
may also have to be banned in agricultural uses. 
This is an prime example of where we must hold the producer
responsible for the product and its effects. Dow is the the
polluter in this case, and the polluter must pay.
Make this a high priority.

Jim Jensen
Seattle, WA

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