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Re: [GreenYes] Festival Recycling
Helen Spiegelman wrote:
> - sell products only in containers that can be reused or recycled;
> - charge DEPOSITS on containers taken away;
> - issue DEPOSIT REFUNDS on containers returned to the recycling stations
> (there will need to be several of them);
> This will:
> - provide an incentive for festival goers to recycle
> - potentially raise $$ for the festival in unclaimed deposits (if 350,000
> people attend the festival, each one using a single container, each
> container being charged a quarter, and 10% of the containers are not
> returned - you do the numbers: the festival could do quite nicely!

The deposit system works very well - too well for the packaging
companies here - they fight this tooth and nail, but especially if we
are talking worthwhile deposits, even those who are slack will find that
others will also collect and redeem their waste...

are there deposit systems in place where any list members are?


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