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[GreenYes] refilling inkjet cartridges
I know a lot of people who use the method of reusing their inkjet
cartridges by purchasing the ink refill kits - thus making their
cartridges last 2-3 times longer. 

I have found that at least one manufacturer, Epson, is now creating
their printers so a computer chip is imbedded in the replaceable
cartridge which tells the printer when the ink is empty.  Now you cannot
reuse these cartridges by refilling them, as the computer chip registers
the cartridge as empty and the cartridge is rendered unusable.

Does anyone have any information about any efforts being made to protest
this step being taken by printer manufacturers or if other printer
manufacturers are switching to this prohibitive method of reusing ink


Dina DiNucci
Recycling & Solid Waste Program
City of Gresham
(503) 618-2656

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