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Re: [GreenYes] sounding off
Bravo.  These are the first comments I've seen on this issue I wholeheartedly agree with.
Darby Hoover              
Executive Director       
Recycled Paper Coalition
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Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 10:23 AM
Subject: [GreenYes] sounding off

The issues that concern this listserv are political and it has taken diligence and hard work to make them so. 30 years ago, nobody was concerned with reducing waste or recycling. Today everybody tells you they're an environmentalist. This is because brave people stood up, took a chance, and said that the accepted ways of doing things were not right. Other, smarter people, came along with practical solutions based on that assumption. Things are changing but we are no where near the finish line. When politicians ignore this or push policies that are antithetical to our concerns, it is our right, if not our responsibility, to create an uproar. I think political awareness is equal to corporate awareness. The public needs to make politicians responsive to our will and keep them honest. A grassroots movement depends on this kind of pressure. It would be a grave mistake if we but fiddled while Rome burned.
When the Bush administration (or Clinton, or Bush pere, or Reagan, etc ad infinatum) ignores our concerns I think it needs to be broadcast. Making a loud noise is one of the best ways to impress a politician that we have the clout to upset his/her hold over us. This was shown yesterday when the stink raised by environmentalist organizations forced the administration to back down on its proposed relaxation of air quality standards. I realize that our greatest gains come when there is sound economics behind them - that is inescapable in today's world - but change also needs an ideological compass and a few uncompromising pilots at the helm.
That expressed, I don't like name calling either. I think it cheapens the argument no matter how dead-on the observation.
David Wollner
BRING Recycling

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