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Re: [GreenYes] Re: The need for respectful diagreement / attitudes toward capita listic economies
To all,
First I would like to say how much I enjoyed and
learned from the NRC Congress here in Seattle.

I understand the deep passion and disdain for what we
as humans are doing to Mother Earth.  The radical
activist in me yearns for the chance to do something
to easy the pain I feel inside.  In the past this has
been expressed in hurtful and sharp projections
directed out towards anyone I deemed as worthy of it.

I have come to believe that I was only adding a reason
for the opposite polarity to exist.  As painful and
slow it may be, the only true change to what the list
speaks of, is if ALL move in the direction of respect
for life.  Any other action will have, at it's base,
manipulation thru guilt or force which is the breeding
ground for polarity.  In my view polarities quickly
loose site of the subject and waste much energy and
effort apposing each other.  I see a great deal of
this "opposition energy waste" going on in the
political and economic world.

I have truly benefited from the discourse of the
different views expressed here on the list......I only
ask we don't loose sight that we are all one and must
move as such to be strong.

Seattle, Wa

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