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[GreenYes] Bush Administration and the Environment

According to the 1/13/02 New York Times ("The Art of Turning a Sow's Ear
Into a Silk Purse"):

    "This week the administration moved closer to relaxing the rules for air
pollution contorls on dirty power plants, and it moved in a California court
to promote offshore oil drilling...
    "These actions followed months of other pro-business regulatory actions
that were hardly noticed inthe post-9/11 world....
    "The question is: does anyone care?  In a time of war and recession, is
it politically safe to ignore the environment? The answer apears to be that
it is not safe, and that this administration knows it.  ... Even with a war
on...the administration went ahead last month and ordered GE to clean up
toxic chemicals from the Hudson River.
    "So, desipite the anti-environmental stirrings by the administration, no
one really argues these days that environmentalism is dead.
    "Charles M. McLean, president of the Denver Research Group, which
advises big corporations on environmental policy, since 9/11, he has seen no
lessening of protests by environmentalists against various projects around
the country....
    "'I'm surprised I haven't seen more deterioration in support for the
environment since 9/11, but environmentalism has become embedded in the
culture.' ..."

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